What is a Branded Title?

In essence, a “salvage” title typically indicates that the vehicle was deemed repairable by insurance standards, yet the insurer opted to declare it a total loss and replace it. On the other hand, a “branded” title vehicle is one sold through insurance auctions due to various reasons like theft recovery, hail damage, collisions, water damage, manufacturer buyback, reject repair, or lemon law issues. The significance of a salvage title can vary across states; some may denote that the car hasn’t been cleared for sale, while in others, it signifies that the vehicle incurred damage for which the insurer sought salvage value instead of repair. Given these discrepancies, we use the term “branded” to provide clarity and educate customers about the vehicle’s history and the reason for its branding.


Do your cars come with a warranty? …and what about manufacturer recalls?

We’re proud to offer a complimentary 3-month warranty and prioritize customer satisfaction through our in-house repair services.

Furthermore, rest assured that all branded title vehicles are covered for Manufacturer Recalls. Manufacturers remain responsible for addressing critical issues, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.

Regarding manufacturer warranties, it’s crucial to note that they may become void once a vehicle is branded. Manufacturers often seek ways to evade liability costs and maximize profits, which is why we prioritize transparency and provide comprehensive warranty coverage.


How does Re-lux Auto Sale get its vehicles?

At Re-lux Auto Sale, our production manager personally inspects each vehicle sourced from insurance auctions, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and top-notch quality. As the sole rebuilder in our process, we take pride in our hands-on approach to selecting the perfect vehicles for our customers. Once approved, we handpick these vehicles based on customer preferences, focusing on features and trim levels that align with their dreams. The majority of our inventory consists of vehicles no more than 2-3 years old, offering unparalleled value for Re-lux shoppers seeking quality and affordability.


Can I get Insurance for a car with a branded title?

Absolutely! At Re-lux Auto Sale, with over a decade of experience in handling branded title vehicles for our valued customers, we’ve encountered only a handful of insurance companies hesitant to provide full coverage for vehicles from our dealership. Insurance providers prioritize the safety and roadworthiness of every vehicle, and we ensure that our extensive inspection process, including our rigorous 151-Point Inspection and regular safety/emission checks, meets their stringent criteria.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that we’ve successfully facilitated insurance coverage for over 5,000 vehicles sold to date. Insurance remains readily attainable, and we’re more than happy to provide recommendations for insurance providers if needed.

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