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Re-lux Auto Sale is a FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED dealership that specializes in Pre-Owned and Rebuilt Autos.  These vehicles have been a key pillar within the development of our business since the late 90’s.  We specialize in select makes and models such as Acura, Honda, Ford, Mazda, Jeep, & Nissan making our technicians and mechanics intimately familiar with the intricate features and manufacture standards for proper repairs & maintenance.  Every vehicle placed up for sale has passed our 151-Point Inspection, 4 Wheel Alignment, SMOG/BREAK/LIGHT, and CA State Inspection to ensure that the quality you see on the outside, matches the quality of the details inside!  Stop by our dealership today if you’d like to get the car of your dreams at a bottom line price!

BENEFITS OF BUYING A Pre-Owned OR Rebuilt Vehicle from Re-lux Auto Sale:

  • Huge savings of $5,000 – $10,000 off of Clean title counterparts!
  • Buy a newer car, with lower miles, and a higher trim level for the SAME price!
  • Lose less money over time due to depreciation on a more expensive vehicle!
  • Competitive financing options not offered by many lenders in California!
  • Discounted rates on Service, Repairs & Parts with our on-site insurance repair shop! – Re-lux Collision Inc

*Each vehicle goes through a 151-pt certified pre-owned inspection process to ensure 100% quality on repairs.*

*This Vehicle comes with a FREE 3-month / 3,000 mile BUMPER TO BUMPER Warranty!*

“Ask about our FREE 3-month All Access XM Radio offer!”



  1. Hand select a vehicle from a leading insurance provider.
  2. Tear down and appraise the individual repair needs.
  3. Evaluate the cost of repairs and long term durability of the vehicle.
  4. Initiate the repair process and order all of the required replacement parts.
  5. Progress through Structural, Body, Paint, Assembly, and Diagnostic repairs.
  6. Follow up with our 151-point certified pre-owned inspection process.
  7. Wash, Clean, and Detail.
  8. Final Inspection & Test Drive by our lead technician.
  9. The vehicle is listed for sale!
  10. A happy buyer goes home with the car of their dreams!


“Reliable Luxury at a Bottom Line Price!”

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